The fleeting moment of seeing and been seen
Space instalation, Pinhole,Infrared sensor, Camera,Framed Photo

41° 51' 58.5396'' N
87° 37' 1.1316'' W
In this group exhibition participants decided to make the museum completely dark space  and people can only enter from the backdoor. 

So I asked to place my work at the front door. Blocked it with walls, and built the pathway draw it  into three sections.

The first part I drilled a pin hole, the view from the front door projected through the pinhole , people can also see the outside world through the pinhole.

The second part, audiences’ body will be lift slightly over the wall. When them reach the platform in the middle, they will trigger the sensor and the camera will take a picture with flash light.

At the third part, they can see their own image on the screen  and in front of it is a picture of the view of front door, because the picture of the front door was framed so the image of the audience on the screen will reflected on the glass.